Text Box: SERVIKA Philippines, Inc.

“A Professional Property Management Company”


Condominium Management


Condominium associations form the bulk of the clients of SERVIKA.   In view of the unique character of these associations, the people behind SERVIKA in their  many  years  of  managing  and  maintaining  condominiums,  have developed systems and procedures especially geared for this type of property ownership.

In order to maintain member satisfaction and goodwill, Property Managers tasked to handle condominiums exert their best efforts in:

      -Detecting and correcting problems before they reach crisis  proportions.
      -Giving quick response to complaints and concerns.
      -Exercising control over operation costs.
      -Preserving the condominium unit owner's investment.
The company actively participates in the affairs of condominium associations so as to ensure that every action taken is being done in accordance with the law.  This is meant to help the association avoid expensive litigations or law suits.    From the preparation and coordination of membership meetings to the conduct of elections of officers, our Property Managers are well-oriented to assist the association.

To ensure that the association's property is efficiently run, well-maintained, clean and have that professional touch, our corporate officers conduct regular and periodic inspections.  We believe that this is one way of ensuring that the investment value of the property is maximized.